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We always encourage new authors to write for us. Every professional, part-time or freelance writer has their own way of conveying the information.

It is not the writing niche but the message conveyed that always counts. An idea is not mandatory, but you could write an article on a common topic with a fresh perspective to attract more and more readers.

We specialize in Content Marketing and yes, your content is what we need. You could send your drafted article to us for review, and we will get back to you at the earliest if your article is selected for marketing purposes.

If not, I would recommend you to try elsewhere, since there are a lot of opportunities to share your perspective online.

Content Marketing

Content is the next big gig online, with the last couple of years showing a steady increase in content requirement, you could certainly build a career in this field.

Many strategies will be implemented based on the type of content being marketed from our end to ensure that it reaches maximum viewers.

The trend is shifting to content since viewers will have a brief idea about the topic you write and you can’t provide false information.

Some of the trends which will help you as a writer too in the upcoming year are:

  • Originality
  • Virtual and Augmented reality
  • Personalization
  • Transparent
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • SEO Optimized

When you write any content, you need to work on these factors to ensure that you get excellent viewer reviews. The more engaging content you provide, the more viewers you attract.

More than 80% of the viewers check for a new perspective and if you provide that new perspective, they will ensure to provide you a positive feedback.

What we do and how you would benefit by writing for us?

Here below is main categories which we cover in our publications.

1. Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, we specialize in Content Marketing. Marketing is an essential part of any business and I need not explain the importance of it; you very well know being a writer, how marketing will influence your business success rate.

We strategize and improvise based on the subtle changes in the market and encourage you to follow the same changing market trend. This will benefit us mutually, providing diversity to your writing skills and we being the marketing agency, will certainly gain more viewer base.

We support your ideas and ideals to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable enough to write an excellent article. We will still hold all rights to your article and you will not be able to duplicate or publish them again.

Relevant and valuable information without all the selling stuff in your article will highlight your work.

Marketing a good content is also a daunting task and we ensure to provide proper online exposure to your work.

2. Writing Skills

What do we expect from you?

We expect basic writing skills from you and nothing more. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important in written communication.

In order to remove the negative impression from the viewer, your sentence construction should be grammatically correct.

Improvise your writing skills over time, since writing can be learned over time. Read what you write multiple times and out loud before, this will help you correct yourself.

Self-improvement will last longer than someone else correcting your work; this is observed over experience.

Perspective thinking and writing which means think from both reader and writer’s perspective. This will certainly help you in finding those subtle changes to make the article more interactive and attract attention.

Different niche writing is more of an advanced skill set which is achievable over time. You are encouraged to write in different niches to get the hang of it; this will diversify your options too. Out of the box, thinking will be an added advantage and benefits mutually.

3. Link Building

Links are known as streets between web pages. Learning how to use Hyperlinks, anchor texts in your content is very easy.

Links are often used to help viewers navigate to complicated or not so popular terminologies. You could use links to provide proven facts and figures for your content which is genuine.

Link building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your content will be optimized for search engines to increase traffic and better content exposure. They are also used to create awareness in social media.

Your website traffic is directly proportional to the number of viewers visiting your content. The more accurate and valuable information with proof is more likely achieved via link building.

A minimum of two links are recommended for any content you create which will diversify the chances of exposure at an optimum level.

Link building increases trust ranking which is done without your knowledge of all search engines.

Earning links from trusted domains will certainly help in SEO and in turn affect the traffic. Anchor texts, on the other hand, are links that point to a page with the right keywords.

4. How to

You have a drafted content and you need to send the same to us.

We would recommend sending it in a word file or a plain text, whichever you feel comfortable with.

Once we have received the content, we follow certain steps to check the content.

  • A content review happens and they will see if it is a potential fit
  • After the reviewer provides their feedback, we will get back to you
  • After you have addressed all our comments, you need to send us a revised draft
  • If your content is accepted, an editor will work with you to organize, augment and style your content
  • Once the draft is perfect, we will schedule your content for publication; however, a specific date will not be provided until the article is ready to go live

By following these steps, we will provide transparent feedbacks to you so that you could improvise your draft to our needs.

5. Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks will make your content interactive. This helps viewers to read your content rather than just scroll through. These tricks will have a subtle yet remarkable effect on the reader’s mind in a positive way.

You need to work follow these tips and tricks to ensure the content is soothing and pleasant to read rather than an endless paragraph.

Even though you have valuable and relevant information in a paragraph, it is hidden with all the other text. You need to show the readers what is important and why? This will certainly help increase the visibility of your content much better than the orthodox paragraph content.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Short paragraphs – 4 sentences maximum per paragraph
  • Short sentences – keep 12 words in a sentence as an average
  • Unnecessary words? Avoid them
  • Say no to jargons
  • Passive talks are boring, keep it first person and direct
  • Avoid repeating the same information
  • A direct address of your audience is much better

Bottom line

We are more than happy to welcome you to write for us.

You will have a pleasant environment to work with and you do not have to hesitate to ask about any minor or major aid; we are here to assist you and benefit mutually.

We are eagerly waiting to review your first draft; just ensure to follow the steps mentioned above to create an excellent content.

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