Writing is an art; everyone cannot be excellent in writing at first. However, you have an option to perfect the skills to become an effective writer though here we shared a well-research guide on ‘How to Write an Article?’.

Conveying your ideas and perspective to the readers is not an easy task. Your article at certain times will be location-based, situation based and niche based.

Today, we will talk about effective skills needed to write an article.

Sharing your ideas and information with other writers and readers alike will certainly help you voice out your facts which would be just an opinion of others.

Before I start, I would like to say an important and truthful fact. ‘You cannot convince everyone, so try to concentrate on the majority instead of a few who reject your writing’.

It is impossible for all to agree with the things you say, so it’s better to know this fact well enough before you write an article.

Getting started “ How to Write an Article ” :

1. Research –

Any topic you choose needs to be well researched before you can draft it. Doing research will give ideas, key points that need to be conveyed and what not to write about the topic.

2. Key ideas and facts –

You will certainly know the major and minor ideas that will attract the readers, you will need to highlight these key points and facts with subheadings and elaborate on the same.

3. Rough Draft –

You know what to write and how to stress on the keynotes. However, a rough draft will help you remove errors and perfect the article. A fresh set of eyes in the draft is also found helpful.

4. Read, revise and repeat –

Once you have a rough draft and all the input from others; you will start writing the article. Read what you write several times; revise the topics by comparing facts and figures with similar topics. Doing this process repeatedly will ensure a perfected article.

Tips for Effective Writing

1. Provide value –

The main purpose of writing an article is to convey that crucial piece of information to the readers. If the readers like what you write, they will certainly want to know more about you. Your writing should help the readers visualize your ideas to implement in their own personal or professional life. A unique and genuine article with value will certainly engage your readers in a powerful conversation.

2. Questions and answers mode –

Writing an article with common questions and concerns is always a better way. The viewers will have the same set of questions that you have and they will feel more connected to your writing when they see something similar. The mind registers these facts and ensures that they stick on to read the entire article. This also helps attract more viewers and increase the traffic to your platform.

3. Precision and to the point –

Don’t beat around the bush! Whatever point you are trying to make should be straightforward or direct. Always try to speak in the first person; this will certainly promote the article being genuine and precise. To entice and engage a reader to know more about your business should be your target here rather than quoting boring and stiff words.

4. Plain and simple –

Your article should be easy to understand; not everyone is familiar with those fancy English words and this is not about winning any literary awards. Simple words used at the right time and the right place will have a shocking effect on the readers. You just need to know the subtle text changes that will help keep the readers engaged.

5. Personal Touch –

Try to bring in a few examples, maybe past experiences or some famous quotes and phrases to make the readers feel comfortable. They need to feel that individual attention while reading your conversation. They shouldn’t feel left out and rather feel that they are talking to you while they read it. This personal touch will certainly improve your writing skills while writing in a different niche.

6. Organized –

When you write the article, it needs to have a certain flow to it. Long texts can be boring but you could make any long text interesting by keeping the article organized. Make the readers feel the importance of going through the next paragraph, else they miss out on something. Ensure to keep it more bulleted and in points with several subheadings. Even if the article is quite long, the readers won’t feel that way while reading it.

7. Address your audience –

Read the article as though you are reading it for the first time. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes figuratively. Know the type of audience and the questions they might have and address those concerns. Even though you may not know answers to all the questions but it is good to know the type of questions that will arise.

We talked about how to get started and writing skills.

Next step is to think about the niche; a newsletter, a technical, a product review, a magazine and many more niches are available for you. You need to know how to write in a different niche and convey the message effectively. You need to highlight different things in a different niche.

For example, a technical niche article will have more of facts and figures including terminologies which are not known to the general public. You need to inform and educate more in this niche since everyone will not have a technical background.

An informative type of article has to be more detailed and educate the viewer. The main reason to search for and read your article is for information and answers.

If your article doesn’t provide either of them, it would be a waste of time for the viewers and a negative opinion will arise. You need to ensure this doesn’t occur at any cost.

To talk about the informative article, you need to do your research and gather enough evidence to support your facts and claims or else it’s just your opinion and not a proven fact. This will sway the viewers to not trust the article and it will lose its credibility.

SEO Requirement

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a major criterion while writing an article. The keywords used in the search of your article will decide how well it is written.

Keep in mind the keywords that relate and define the topic or a product and service are always highlighted in an article.

The main reason I didn’t mention SEO earlier in the article would be due to some of these major factors:

  • Major search engines should search your article and ensure it is on the top 10
  • Increases not only the user experience but also the traffic to your website
  • Having a presence in the top position ensures your website credibility
  • Social promotion of your website
  • Websites with multiple content and blogs benefit due to the common framework and search engines will keep accessing your website for multiple keyword searches
  • Ahead of the competition
  • Keep you updated and ensure that you make subtle changes to your website depending on the market trend change.

Final thoughts

A good writer will always concentrate on what to convey and what to avoid.

You keep working on the skills to ensure that you are headed in the right direction and keep yourself updated with the changes in the market.

The article which had an excellent feedback today, may not have the same feedback tomorrow. Those subtle changes will surely bring out the best in your writing if you go the extra mile.

This article has given you detailed insights to improvise your writing skills as per the demands of the market.



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