Content defines everything you do irrespective of the value of the product or service. The next targeted market ready to grow exponentially is the content marketing.

With different types of content showcased online, you look for the best of the best available.

Marketing giants are perfecting strategies solely based on different categories of content. You would certainly need to get yourself updated on the marketing trends in 2019.

So, we will discuss various sectors you need to concentrate on and how well you could strategize for the unending changes.

Trial and error methods in 2017 have been successful in content marketing and surveys indicate that the same trend will follow this year too.

There are various methods that have been called as the best practices in content marketing, which will shed light on this subject.

We will now discuss 8 content marketing best practices 2019 that will be trending in the near future.

Here is 8 Content Marketing Best Practices 2019 :

1. Originality

The content has been and will be duplicated. However, the important part here is the presentation. You could present the same content in different ways.

The tech giants are making huge investments in original content. Buying content from media companies to fill voids found out through various search algorithms will continue this year too.

Search engine optimized content with originality defines and increments sales. So, more and more companies are buying content to monetize either through prospects and current customers or through content mergers with major brands.

Tons of investments in original content (media, photo, video, SEO optimized content and many more) have already increased its demand in the market.

Buckle up and start creating more original content since you are about to make a ton of money selling them.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Images coming alive, key points being illustrated in a user-attractive way is another trending content flow.

Experiments based on 360-degree Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with emerging technologies is common these days.

A keen eye for that subtle difference in content will certainly provide the added advantage.

With a large amount of content available to the consumers, marketing companies tend to the assistance of cutting-edge technology.

A powerful evaluation tool for a conversation with the consumer where they can engage with products at full scale, this can be achieved by VR and AR to deliver this experience anyone and anywhere.

You could reach consumers in a shocking number of ways. However, focus on the ones that will be most effective and convey the message to your viewers.

3. Personalization

Content curation and customization will provide the personal touch to viewers. Massive opportunities are created via personalization of the content and a smart marketing company will certainly exploit this aspect.

Email marketing is all about that personal touch, a subscription email should look attractive for the user to be entertained and encouraged to even click on the web link.

Subtle changes have to be made corresponding to the changes in the market.

Loyal consumers must be pampered with personal content, this will certainly increase their brand loyalty.

You could personalize the content with a soothing voice and a humor to make consumers feel comfortable.

4. Device focused search

With the increase of mobile users, applications have to be responsive and rendered according to the device access.

A keyword search should meet all the requirements irrespective of the device used to access the website or application.

Analyze the most common keyword searches for your products and services, ensure your database is updated accordingly.

This will certainly increase the viewer traffic after you have made subtle changes to the content for all devices.

Depending on the device access ratio that is the percentage of viewers accessing from desktop and mobile devices will certainly help you make the necessary changes.

Semantics are very much needed here, the main reason being the diversity in keywords used to search.

5. Transparency

With the information available for consumers in advance, they have knowledge of the products and services you offer. You need to understand that being transparent will certainly help improve viewer traffic.

A trusted brand with transparency will be trending this year too. You will have a free word of mouth marketing if a loyal consumer sees your products and services being transparent and you meeting all the said features and demands.

This is the main reason for influencers as a marketing strategy these last few years.

Influencers are like a double-edged sword, you need to be careful while using these influencers or be penalized by authorities due to transparency related legal complications.

Every piece of content and media you create and showcase being completely transparent will build and maintain the trust of your consumers.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The traditional marketing approach is still available (radio, television, billboards). These limitations have been broken since the age of the Internet.

Internet of Things has made taken the content viewing methods to the next level. Content with specified and accurate details especially emergency ones are always used by consumers.

With IoT; digital and voice-activated services have taken the spotlight. Device pairing has offered exciting opportunities to marketing companies to invest in new and better content interactions.

This is how highly targeted content will reach your audience at the right time and the right place.

Providing a useful tool for people in case of emergencies should be the targeted content by marketing companies with the Internet of Things.

7. Smarter Approach

Using minimum resources to achieve maximum productivity is the most traditional way of earning a profit. You should implement smart strategies compatible with the changing trends in the market.

Doing so will certainly ensure that you are using the available resources wisely for optimum traffic and business growth.

A smart decision should have an advantage from your point of view at any given time, the strategy should adapt to the perpetual changes in the market.

A few content marketing programs which will assist in your strategies and goals should be well documented. The majority have documented content marketing strategy.

There is always room for improvement, so you need to keep yourself updated with the changes on a periodic basis (daily basis too for some business with daily fluctuations).

The documented strategy will sell like a hot commodity compared to the undocumented one.

A broader business strategy to generate content consistently and a large scale is another big change in this marketing sector.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is taking over every industry at an alarming rate, why not marketing too? Responsive Bots being implemented to interact with a consumer has had successful results in the recent years.

Bots are evolving after every interaction with a consumer to make the process more human-like. Users are getting used to this service at a decent rate which makes things more interesting.

Bots actually assist marketing companies to increase their efficiency rather than replace them. This is a misconception among general public which is an error.

AI can automatically add a variety of tags to images with accuracy, decreasing the work for humans.

AI will identify things much faster in a media file and provide the information you need well before you use it.

For the next use, the same media file will come under the keywords for the brands that have been used here making it more efficient and save time.

These topics I discussed have been perfected for a couple of years.

However, there are certain other features that are relatively new and we need to shed some light.

These features will certainly have subtle effects on the sales and business of the company for the time being but have a huge impact over the long run.

Micro-Influencers – They are smaller but highly engaged social media fan bases which give brands an opportunity to connect with loyal consumers. This will not have a huge impact overnight but will constantly build a consumer selling platform which will grow to an extent which impacts your sales positively.

Topic Research – The interpretation of keywords from search engines with a semantic approach will consider all the words in the search field, not just the keywords. This will certainly better the search results for the consumer. Autocomplete suggestions in the keywords are the most searched by consumers. The keyword search will also be influenced by the content niche. This will certainly help you understand the niche required to improve traffic.

Overlap – With content being bought and sold, it is difficult to determine the origin. However, roles and duties are shifting inside the marketing sector which resulted in conflicts among the co-workers. Talented employees will create something new every day. You just need to recognize and exploit that talent.


Successful organizations use the spread content strategy over various platforms to maximize the sales potential. With a well-defined content strategy that shows results, you are on the right path to success.

More than 80% of the viewers look out for new and exciting content marketing practices which may or may not help in your business. I hope this article will help you understand what is crucial during the New Year for content marketing.


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